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Lawndale Medical Clinic
7109 Lawndale St B
HoustonTX 77023


(713) 924-4907
Lawndale Medical Clinic |7109 Lawndale St BHoustonTX77023 | (713) 924-4907
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Medical Clinic Houston, TX

The finest in primary care and immediate access medicine is as close by as Lawndale Medical Clinic. We've been proudly serving the greater Houston east end area for nearly 35 years with a full complement of laboratory, X-ray, and other medical services.

A Respectful, Professional Medical Clinic 

At our medical clinic in Houston TX, our aim is not just to treat the symptom but to get to the root of your problem and provide proper treatment for effective healing. We have a fine staff who is highly trained and treat each client with professionalism and respect. We want to get to know you on a personal basis and continue to provide effective treatment for a lifetime. 


  • Bone density scanning
  • Chronic disease management
  • Flu/strep testing
  • General surgery
  • Gynecology
  • Immediate care
  • In-house lab work
  • Primary care
  • Ultrasounds
  • Vaccines . . . and more

We offer highly-competitive cash pricing to make it easy for you to meet your appointments. We accept a wide variety of insurance plans, including Medicaid, Medicare, and private insurance. You can walk in without an appointment and also enjoy the flexibility of our extended hours, including Saturdays.

To better serve you, our walk-in service caters to patient priority, based on the severity of your needs.

Call Lawndale Medical Clinic today at (713) 924-4907 for more information or to schedule an appointment.



When patients come in, they ask for a specific provider or they ask who is available and then they sign up and do our paperwork. We take their insurance information and start the verification process with the insurance company. After a wait in the front waiting room, the patient will be called to the scale (our triage). We will confirm demographics, insurance info, take the chief complaint, and send them to another waiting room near the provider they will see. After another wait, the medical assistant will take vitals, reconcile medications, and ask more in-depth questions about the chief complaint. You will have a seat until the physician is ready for you. You might walk into the room with the provider already in it, or you may be roomed and the provider will come in shortly.


The provider comes in and visits/exams you and writes a script or sends you to x-ray or the lab for testing. Sometimes they do all three. On your way to the lab, you stop by the cashier to collect payment (co-pay and lab/x-ray co-pay) and then you wait to be called by the lab or x-ray. Once you are done there, you may be sent home and told to follow up in a few days, or sent back to the provider because the labs required are in-house, and we have the result and can finish all or part of your visit.

Sometimes the provider determines the patient needs a referral to a specialist, in which case we send the patient to our referral coordinator who can make that referral and or preauthorization (depending on the insurance or situation).

We try to do everything here (in-house), which can make for a long day sometimes, but it saves the patient from having to go the to other locations (reference lab) or take multiple visits to do the same thing. People still hate the wait. We understand. We are trying to do a lot and sometimes it takes awhile, and we do it all walk in, except for Dr. Ruibal and the specialists. About 85% of our visits are walk-in.

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